Council Webpage

Our Lady of Grace

Knights of Columbus, Council #13243

Palm Bay, Florida USA

Welcome to the web site of Our Lady  of  Grace  Council  13243  of  the Knights of Columbus.   Our members are  guided not only by our belief in God and the  Catholic Church,  but by our belief in each other and ourselves.  Serving Our Lady of Grace parish in Palm Bay, Florida on Florida’s Space Coast, we support our parish and its causes and believe in protecting and enhancing family life.  We participate in Church, council, and community activities.

The Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882 by Fr. Michael J. McGivney.  We have  over 1.8  million  members  in  more  than  15,000  councils  worldwide.  Our  Lady  of  Grace Council   received   its   charter   on   December   18,   2002.   Started  by  52  Catholic  gentlemen,  we  now  have  over  130  members  dedicated to making a difference.

Why Become a Knight As  a  knight,  you  have  the  opportunity  to  support  your parish,  give  back  to  your community,  grow  in  faith  and  gain  exclusive  access  to our  top-rated  insurance programs  to  protect  your  family.  We  provide:  Service- Charity  is  the  first principle  of  the  Knights  of  Columbus.  We  offer  our  time  and our  talents  to serve  the  parish  and  community.    Support-  Unity  and  Fraternity  are the second  and  third  principles  of  our  Order.    We  are  a  unique  band  of  brothers with  shared  values  who  by  working  together  accomplish  more  than  we  could alone.      Stability  –  For  more  than  130  years  the  Knights  of  Columbus  has provided  protection  for  families.    Our  insurance  program  is  one  of  the  highest rated programs in the world.For   more   information   about   the  Knights  of  Columbus visit  our  Supreme Council  web  site  at  www.kofc.org.    If  you  are  interested  in joining  our  council contact  our  Membership  Director  Tim Jakes at Tim.Jakes63@gmail.com..  You may reach Grand Knight  Steven Kremer at Steve-Kremer@hotmail.com.  You  can  see  more  of  our  activities  on  our  facebook page-“Knights of Columbus Council 13243”.

Citizens With Disabilities Campaign

Members  of  the  Knights  of  Columbus  do  a  great deal to assist people with intellectual disabilities.One  of  the  most  popular  and  successful  programs conducted by Knights of Columbus state and local councils for the benefit of   people with intellectual  disabilities  is  the  fund-raiser  in  which councils  collect  donations outside  stores  and  on street corners.In  appreciation,  the donor is  offered a Tootsie Roll  (or  something    similar.  )    The  high  visibility of  this  program  has  led  to  the campaign  being referred to as the “Tootsie Roll Drive.”  Many  councils  submit  raised funds  to  their  state council  for  distribution    throughout    their  state and  some keep a  portion  of  the  funds  to  benefit local   organizations   supporting intellectual  and physical disabilities.  Council 13243 conducts this campaign several times   during  the  year   and   at   various   locations throughout the city.  Local organizations benefiting from  this  drive  are:  Brevard County Special Olympics, Space Coast Early Intervention Center;  as  well  as  others.  Each  year the council sets  aside monies  to assist parishioners  in need of assistance.


Council Officers’ Installation Ceremony

The new Officers for Council year 2019-2020 were formally installed this past Saturday, July 27, during the Officer’s Installation Ceremony, which took place at 1:00 PM in Our Lady of Grace church. Our Council Chaplain, Father Emmanuel Akalue, was present to bless the ceremony and Officer Medals. Worthy District Deputy Doug Blair Officiated the ceremony …


For more information, write us at: Knights13243@gmail.com